If you want to join the EPFL Rocket Team but it was not possible for you to come to our recruitment session, don’t worry ! It is not too late ! 

Here is a little recap:

  1. The Bella-Lui project: this project consists of launching and recovering a rocket at an altitude of 3048 meters using a hybrid engine for the Spaceport America Cup 2020 competition. It is a great project but it requires a great commitment and already some technical skills/experiences to be able to integrate into it. That’s why we decided to launch a second, more accessible project:
  2. The OBI II project: To be able to test flight technologies and pass level 1 and 2 rocket certifications, many team members were able to purchase, assemble and launch commercially purchased rocket kits. The goal of this project would be to design our own kit, build a prototype and launch it in mid-February. If this launch is successful, the design could be distributed so that anyone who wants to make their own rocket can fly it before the end of the year.

These two projects will require the work of two teams in parallel, so I invite you to think about which project would be best for you in terms of time and skills.

In any case, you can send an email to recruitment@old-ert.local to let us know your choice and what you would like to have as a role in the project. For those who wish to join the Bella-Lui project, you can attach a cover letter and a CV (if you have one) so that we can better understand your skills.

If you want to have a look or if you want to look again the slides of the presentation, you can find it here.

We are waiting for your email !

Cheers ! 

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