I’m Gabriel Issenmann, and I’m a System Engineer (SE) of the Bella Lui II project at the EPFL Rocket Team.

What is your role at the EPFL Rocket Team ?

I am in charge, with the other SEs, of making sure the rocket is able to come together as a whole, without any interfacing issues between the different subsystems. I spend my time working with Team Leaders to follow the evolution of their subsystem within the set requirements and budgets. For better coordination, the Chief Technological Officer (CTO), César Toussaint, is also the “Chief System Engineer”.

Why did you choose to join the EPFL Rocket Team ?

It was an obvious choice for me to join the ERT since engineering and space are the things I’m most passionate about. And even if we are not at the point of reaching space (yet), the process of getting there is extremely gratifying; with each test, failure or success, comes a lesson that allows us to get closer to our objectives.

What has being part of the team taught you ?

Beyond the rocket science, I also learned a ton about working with a big team on an even bigger project. When our work isn’t on engineering a part of the rocket, it’s always on trying to improve coordination within the team. Also, everyone is constantly giving their maximum, and it’s really stimulating.

What is your best memory at the EPFL Rocket Team ?

Recently, we spent a whole weekend with the SE team working hard on an upcoming Design Review. On Sunday night, after working nonstop for almost 10 hours, we had takeaway with a few beers at one of the SE’s places. It was super nice to hang out and have a good time with them, after such a fulfilling day of work.


Gabriel Issenmann, System Engineer (SE) of the Bella Lui II project

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