Hello ! My name is Mathieu, I’m a master student in micro engineering with a minor in space technologies. At the EPFL Rocket Team, I’m one of the SEs (systems engineer) of the Bella Lui II project, in charge of the recovery, the avionics and the ground segment.

What is your role at the EPFL Rocket Team ?
The roles of the systems engineers are various, what I do all day is to take care of the requirements, the interfaces and the budgets, plan the different phases of the project, plan and organise the manufacture and the testing, coordinate the many students (90+ in total) and make sure they work together towards the same goal. This semester in particular one of our job is to make sure everyone feels alright and included within the team which is yet another challenge !

Why did you choose to join the EPFL Rocket Team ?
At first I just wanted to try something challenging on the side of my studies with practical, technical skills, in the end I’m spending more time at the ERT than on my classes. 

What has being part of the team taught you ?
Many many things, it allowed me to get more confident about myself and to get a hands-on experience in a large project. It also made me meet a lot of amazing people !

What is your best memory at the EPFL Rocket Team ?
When we successfully launched small rockets after the car broke down on the highway and the trip took us 7 hours to just cross Switzerland… We always try to work ahead to avoid having to rush before important deadlines but this time it was the car’s fault… we were all very happy to see the result of our hard work flying properly and descending under a functioning parachute. There are plenty of other very good memories with other team members !

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