Project Bella Lui 2020

«Project BELLA LUI» is the team which is being sent to the 2020 Spaceport America Cup.





Predict the rocket’s trajectory as precisely as possible to ensure that it reaches the desired altitude on the day of the competition. It is also necessary, by appropriately choosing its design, to ensure that the rocket is stable during the flight.






The on-board computer of the rocket, responsible for calculating the state of the rocket (speed, altitude, temperature, etc.) at all times and serving as a link between the rocket and the ground station thanks to its antennas made of curved plates and manufactured by us. Our avionics is made up of several electronic cards “made in ERT”, linked together by a data bus. The avionics also takes care of transmitting the engine ignition order, so there is no room for error!







This modular rocket’s skeleton. Different modules make up the rocket, each containing a completely independent subsystem. The challenge is to maintain stability during flight and ensure aerodynamics while resisting to the forces endured during flight.

Propulsion Combustion Chamber
Propulsion Tank
Propulsion Valve Bay


The payload is a 3U-CubeSat (a nanosatellite format) life sensor, analyzing the nano-motions of yeast cells with a camera all along the flight to detect if it can stay alive!






The parachute deployment system to bring the rocket back to the ground in good condition with two mechanisms for a first part of rapid but controlled descent then the opening of the large parachute for landing. The electronics, structure and strings must be extremely reliable!







Ground Segment

The Ground Segment consists of the ground-based physical elements of the rocket system. It allows the operators to execute some remote activities such as the fueling of the rocket before the launch, and the collection of telemetry and GPS data during the flight via radio communication.






The driving element of the rocket. Our subsystem has been working for two years to design a hybrid engine, meaning the oxidant is in liquid form and the fuel in solid form. With its 2 meters in height, this machine provides 3000 N (300 kilos-force) of thrust and will allow Bella Lui to reach the desired apogee.

Avionic of the Payload

Animation of the avionic of the payload.

Pegasus 10k – Ignition Test

First test of the propulsion team’s hybrid motor

Drop test at Crans Montana

Bella Lui drop test at Crans Montana.